Friday night dinner will feature:  John Gio and Donna Donna Parkes-Champion will be providing a traditional summer meal.  
It will consist of: Hamburger or Cheeseburger, Hotdog, Onion rings & French fries – To accompany this culinary delight there will be lettuce, tomato, onion, and relish  – NO substitutions – Cost: $7.00  See you tomorrow


Our Condolences go out to the Noel Family on the passing of their Aunt. – thought and prayers are with you.

**** Looking for Friday dinner cooks for the next 2 Friday’s. July  23, and 30.  Respond to Bob Noel if interested

Monday, June 13, 2016

FROM: Brian Donovan, Shady Harbor Marina

RE: Relationship between Awenke Yacht Club and Shady Harbor Marina


It has come to my attention, through some conversation at the recent party at RCYC, that there is a misinterpretation as to the structure of Shady Harbor Marina, and its relationship with the Awenke yacht club.  It is my intention in this letter to clarify that relationship, show my understanding and appreciation for the clubs associated with MHCYC, and express how Shady Harbor can be a wonderful resource to your group of clubs.

The relationship between Shady harbor and the Awenke’s dates back to 1953.  Since that very moment, and still today, the two organizations remain separate and operate for very different reasons.

Make no mistake, Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina is a for profit business that relies on boaters from all sources to survive. We know, and appreciate, that in order to be the best we need to offer the best facility, provide the best customer service, and offer a great boating experience.  To that end we have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure.  From new docks, to upgraded power, new travel lift pier, heavy duty travel lift, upgraded grounds, picnic area, bocce courts, horseshoe pits, Air conditioned bath house, completely renovated Restaurant, entertaining events throughout the season, and the biggest change, an incredibly positive, caring staff of young people that I would put up to anyone in the business.

The Awenke’s have a completely different mission statement.  They are a club of like boaters that organized to promote boating, have a great time socially, and to be part of the MHCYC to promote the great Hudson and Mohawk rivers and all they offer.  They share those goals with each and every other club in the MHCYC.  What they don’t share is the ownership of their facility and the labor of love that operating and maintaining the marina they reside in entails.  To that end, they don’t have to manage a club the way most of you clubs do.  They do not have any source of income other than minimal social dues and the money they can generate from events.  As the number of fund raising events increases from all clubs the pool of resources quickly becomes diluted, as the schedule and season is only so long.

For many years at Shady harbor, long before the Donovan family took over, the Awenkes paid Shady Harbor a reduced dockage fee for any reciprocal dockage.  It was a fair arrangement that paid the marina something for its investment, its facility, and its staff that serves you the boater.  Two years ago it was decided by the bridge of the Awenkes that it would no longer offer reciprocity because it simply could not afford to do so.  While we at Shady Harbor appreciate the Awenkes position we wanted to offer you, the MHCYC members something, so we offered a reduced rate that included electricity.

This is where the disconnect, and misunderstanding, or confusion took place with your membership.  Shady Harbor needs to make a small profit in order to remain viable, and a great place for you to visit.  We are not a member of the MHCYC.  The Awenke’s are a social club, much like yours, without the infrastructure to worry about. 

In an effort to make all happy, and to demonstrate DSHM commitment to the MHCYC, we sat down with the Bridge of the Awenke yacht club and are pleased to offer these special concessions for active, card holding members of the MHCYC.

1)      One free nights dockage for all MHCYC members from Sunday-Thursday, excluding a small electric fee.  This is based on availability.  In addition it cannot be guaranteed but if there are open docks on a weekend then and only then will we extend a free night’s stay over a weekend.  All of this depends on reservations and availability.

2)      The loopers special, stay two nights at regular dockage rates, get a third night free. Excluding weekends

3)      Reduced dockage rate of $1.50/ft., including electric for any other stays beyond reciprocity.

I hope this brings clarity to any misunderstandings as to the relationship between the Awenke’s and Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina, the things we have in common is a commitment to a quality boating experience for all boaters and promotion of this incredible environment we all have to boat in.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime, you know where I amJ

Thank you, and have a great Boating season,


Brian Donovan




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o   for Regular members you need to have worked 35 hours per unit membership per year – if not complete the penalties are steep – $25/hour not worked plus for boaters another $25/ft. for your dockage.

o   For (new) Social members – Joined after April of 2013 – 10 hours per year – if not complete $25/hour not worked.

For opportunities to get work hours:  note there are many tasks that we need assistance with – if you see a project that you’d like to work on please contact us so we can make sure you have what you need to complete it.

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