Friday dinner 8/12 by Cynthia J Jenkins and Tom Jenkins – Mediterranean chicken, Mashed potatoes, Buttered corn, Summer squash zucchini, Salad, Cantaloupe and homemade cream pies  –  Looking for a couple helpers, let us know.


·        If you have a trailer stored in the south lot – please contact Glen as there is a summer trailer storage rate of $100 for the season.  We’ve identified most but a few we can’t. 

Thanks – 


·        Kayak trip is on the 20th – Saturday – please contact Will O’Leary if you’re attending – assisting or working a support boat…

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Castleton’s need for Speed – this Saturday… Great time – Great people…


Yoga Classes AYC


Check out the website Link – Chris Labatt Simon has done some great work with it…

Some sister club events coming up:  Council Web Site


Please confirm all booking requests for hall rentals with house chair Bob Noel at


Work Hours: – Please note you should keep track of your hours – you have up to 45 days after working to submit your hours.  Note some heavy penalties were paid in this year. A list of hours submitted thru April 2016 are hanging in hallway on bulletin board.  Please review to ensure your hours are credited.  Any questions regarding your submitted hours should go to Jeff Jensen at

o   for Regular members you need to have worked 35 hours per unit membership per year – if not complete the penalties are steep – $25/hour not worked plus for boaters another $25/ft. for your dockage.

o   For (new) Social members – Joined after April of 2013 – 10 hours per year – if not complete $25/hour not worked.

For opportunities to get work hours:  note there are many tasks that we need assistance with – if you see a project that you’d like to work on please contact us so we can make sure you have what you need to complete it.

o   To volunteer for Bartending – no experience necessary email Lisa Clark at

o   To volunteer for Cooking – Wednesday or Friday evening please email Dave Carpentier at

o   To volunteer for Saturday Cleaning please email Bob Noel at

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