AYC decorating party is Tomorrow –  Sunday, Nov.  27th from 1-3.  Come on down and bring an appetizer if you are so inclined. Join us for holiday decorating festivities and some holiday cheer https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f15/1/16/1f37a.png🍺https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/feb/1/16/1f377.png🍷https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f6c/1/16/1f378.png🍸https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f96/1/16/1f37b.png🍻as the bar is open for Sunday football. If some of those football https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/fc0/1/16/1f3c8.png🏈 fans could bring down the decorations https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f88/1/16/1f385.png🎅https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f7/1/16/1f384.pngfrom the attic in advance it would be greatly appreciated


*    If someone would like to open Friday night and Sunday for football please let us know.  These are some of the last opportunities to get your hours in… please take advantage as the penalties for not completing the hours are rough.

*    We do have some other hours available too – immediate work needed at the club – prepping the adjacent apartment – cleaning / painting etc.  If you need hours please respond to this asap and we’ll make them available…

*    I have the 2017 membership cards.  I’ll be around this week at happy hour – I’ll be in a good few times next month and I’ll bring with me – if you’d like one mailed please email me back and I’ll get them out later next month. 


Christmas party is Friday December 9th – Details to follow – there will also be a kid’s Christmas party tentatively Sunday December 18th  – details to follow on that too…


Member Dues: 2017

Make checks payable to: Albany Yacht Club   – PO Box 293 – Rensselaer, NY 12144

Dues are due in full between January 1 and January 31.

Dues received on or after February 1 shall incur a penalty as follows: 

Regular dues: $361.80 ($335 + $26.80 sales tax), after January 31st; an immediate $100 penalty and $25 per month late fee until paid.  

Social dues– (Option for those members prior to April 2013): $194.40  ($180 + $14.40 sales tax), an immediate $50 penalty and $15 per month late fee until paid.

“New“ Social dues working 10 hours: $108 ($100 + $8 sales tax), an immediate $30 penalty and $10 per month late fee until paid.

Any member not paid by May 1 (90 days) shall be suspended from the Club in accordance with Chapter 2,

Section 2 of the Bylaws and may not participate in or use Club facilities including as a guest of another member. In order for his or her suspension to be removed,

he or she must pay a $100 reinstatement fee on top of the total amount owed including late fees.  


Please note Voting is only available for regular members. This year’s elections for offices will be at the regular meeting on December 13th regular meeting from 6pm-8pm.  If you can’t attend you may request an absentee ballot from P/C O’Neill – please message him at soneill@nycap.rr.com for an official paper ballot.  Please also send the address you’d like to receive it to ensure you receive it in a timely manner.  All absentee ballots must be on official ballot.  Please note only one vote per ‘unit membership’ for regular members… The nominated officers positions are all unopposed but the Board seats are contested – note per the constitution you may still nominate someone for any position as listed below*

Commodore                      John Bergman

Vice Commodore              Dave Carpentier

Rear Commodore             Jim Johnson

Treasurer                           Bert Dodge

Secretary                           Will OLeary


Board seats – You may Vote for up to four.  Top three vote earners get two year seats and fourth gets a one year.

Mike Eckler

Donna Champion

Bill Clark

Jay Jakovic

Gerry Chartier

Tom Jenkins


*Nominating Petitions. In addition to nominations at the November meeting, a candidate may be nominated by a petition. The petition, signed by at least one-quarter of the Club’s regular members, may be presented to the Secretary, for inclusion of the candidate’s name on the ballot, at least one week before the December meeting. The petition must be accompanied by a signed statement indicating the candidate’s willingness to serve.


AYC Member boats: Please forward if you have one to list – (short description)


*    Chupka Yacht – 40 Foot Trawler – http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/pl_boat_detail.jsp?&units=Feet&id=3006454&lang=en&slim=broker&hosturl=ronyachts&ywo=ronyachts


*    Wellcraft SE260 – large block Fast Bravo II – with duel axel trailer – you can view in parking lot $7500-  Email Steve Stasac  if interested sstasac1@nycap.rr.com


*    Formula 37PC – contact Geoff Booth – gtb1000@gmail.com


*    Sail boat – Serena – 1984 VAGABOND 42 KETCH  http://www.contemporaryyachts.com/webpages/brkgsail/v42serena.htm


*    1987 Chris Craft 33ft  – $9000 contact Glen Bujak at ghb51@live.com


If there’s another email address you’d like to receive these on please reply and we’ll send them there.

I sent out the rest of those that I believe didn’t receive their membership cards yesterday – if you don’t receive one or haven’t earlier this year please notify me and I’ll get it to you… olearywill@earthlink.net


Members that would like to email their hours worked may do so at  AYChours@gmail.com


Currently we have 80+ regular Members and 80+ Social members and most of you need hours…

·       To volunteer for Bartending – no experience necessary email Lisa Clark at  lisaclark1286@yahoo.com

o   To volunteer for Cooking – Friday evening please email Bob Noel at bnoel678@aol.com always plenty of assistance – don’t be afraid…

o   To volunteer for Saturday Cleaning please email Bob Noel at bnoel678@aol.com



Please confirm all booking requests for hall rentals with house chair Bob Noel at bnoel678@aol.com


Check out the website Link – Chris Labatt Simon has done some great work with it…



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