AYC Facility Rental Terms and Conditions:

It is recommended that you print these terms and conditions for your records. Please contact the AYC house chair with any questions.

  • The Clubhouse must be reserved by an AYC Member. He/she is the official sponsor of the event and must be present for the entire affair.
  • A non-refundable reservation and cleaning deposit is required to reserve the date for your event
  • The sponsoring member must be in attendance for the duration of the event.
  • The sponsoring member is responsible for the orderly conduct of event attendees and ensures that they exercise good judgment in the use of Club facilities and take adequate safety precautions while near or on the docks.
  • The sponsoring member is also responsible for making sure the Clubhouse and grounds (if applicable) are cleaned when the event is over. Time frames may be negotiated with the House Chairman.
  • The Clubhouse can be rented for One Hundred and fifty Dollars ($150.00) per event Plus $30 if using the kitchen. An additional One Hundred Dollar ($100.00) reservation and cleaning deposit is also required.
  • AYC will retain the reservation and cleaning deposit if the sponsor cancels unless the date is taken by another party or if the party fails to clean the Clubhouse and grounds (if appropriate) at the end of the event.
  • Table cloths and napkins can be ordered through the Bar Chairman, or you can provide your own. If ordered through the Club, table cloths are $3.75 each and napkins are $ .75 each.
  • A list of available beverages and pricing is available on request.
  • With prior approval of the house Chairman, event sponsors may bring alcoholic beverages not stocked by the AYC such as specialty wines and/or champagne. A corking fee will be assessed for all products provided by the event sponsor and the drinks must be served by the AYC bartenders.
  • Any unconsumed beverages provided by the event sponsor must be removed from the Club at the end of the event.
  • Event participants are not allowed to bring or consume beverages not provided by AYC or the event sponsor anywhere on AYC property.
  • If you plan to use the AYC bar for your event, you will need one or more paid bartenders. As a rule of thumb, 1 bartender is needed for every 60 event participants.
  • Event sponsors must make arrangements to pay the bartender(s) directly.
  • Event sponsors are not permitted to serve as a bartender for the event they sponsor.
  • Food may be brought in by the event sponsor or catered by a professional service. Full kitchen privileges will be allowed. Consult the House Chairman for a list of approved caterers.
  • The member sponsor retains the services of a caterer directly.
  • Caterers can use AYC’s kitchen facilities and are encouraged to bring their own utensils and serving supplies however a member must be present at all times the caterer is there. Caterers can use AYC’s utensils, plates, etc. with prior approval of the House Chairman.
  • The sponsoring member is responsible to ensure that the caterer cleans and returns all AYC equipment and supplies used.
  • Entertainment, such as a band or DJ, may be set up in the dining room, bar area or outside on the patio.
  • Access to the Clubhouse in advance of the event for decorating purposes or kitchen preparations may be arranged with the House Chairman but member must be present.
  • Consistent with New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) laws, attendees under the age of 21 years are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on the Club grounds—NO EXCEPTIONS. The bartender will ask for proof of age.
  • While the AYC promotes the use of its facilities for family events and enjoyment, parents are asked to keep a watchful eye on young children to ensure that they don’t get hurt.


The member’s submission of this reservation request signifies that these requirements were properly explained, that he/she understands what is expected by the AYC, and agrees to accept the responsibilities for sponsoring a private event.