Friday Night Take Out Dinners

Dinner Menu for Friday October 8th is closed.

We survived!  Albany Yacht Club is making a comeback and we have our members to thank!  We are continuing Friday night dinners and you may either take them to go or stay awhile and have some drinks with us.
We are moving forward, but not out of the woods yet.  We need YOUR help! We are in need of more support for dinner orders on Friday nights. The dinner menu changes for every member who volunteers to cook and we understand it may not be something your taste buds like. However, we encourage you to support the club in others ways on these nights. Here are some ideas!
  • Buy a meal for a neighbor, family member or another club member.
  • Buy an anonymous meal and donate it to someone on Friday night when the bar opens (we can handle offering it to a member).
  • Donate the $12.50 as a way to support the club
  • Buy a dessert or salad. These are usually separate purchases on the dinner menu.
  • Do you have a yummy dinner idea? Volunteer to cook, we can help!
Thank you for your continued support!  Without our members, we would not be able to do what we do.  See you Friday!