Visitors are very welcome at our docks, whether it’s for a 15′ runabout during striper season or a 180′ yacht for leaf peeping in the Fall. Free Internet, free cable TV and on-site laundry are included in our many amenities.

Social Members

Have a passion for the water or for boating but don’t own a boat? Albany Yacht Club offers social membership giving you the opportunity to be part of a friendly club with numerous activities, both on the water and off.

Boating Members

Looking for both an opportunity to meet great people and a place to dock your boat during the season? Albany Yacht Club has a modern system built to hold in severe weather, and numerous social gatherings for you to participate in.

Club Calendar

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Albany Yacht Club 1st Annual Striper Tournament

Albany Yacht Club Striper Tournament

April 28th – May 1st, 2016. Come join us!


In Other News…


With the incredibly good weather we have been experiencing, we will begin installing docks next Saturday, April 2 at 7am (weather permitting of course). Our crane is being repaired and we were able to move the date that Allerdice crane services will bring their rental crane and operator. If our crane happens to be ready, we will have two cranes to work from.

We will need about 20 really able-bodied members to install the docks. We will continue to have the traditional spring commissioning and dock completion work party the weekend of April 16-17. Everyone now has twice the opportunity to get your required work hours. Docks in is mandatory, especially for anyone with a boat at the docks. Keep in mind beyond installing the docks, we need to connect electrical, water, cable, fuel lines, pumpout lines, clean out the dockhouse, and clean the grounds and club exterior. The majority of this work will be done the weekend of April 16.

This decision is being made based on the combination of outstanding weather, no snow in the mountains, and ability to make more money with stripers arriving early – but it is driven by the outstanding weather, no slow, and low levels of water in local reservoirs which will mitigate spring floods. All our sister clubs are already in or will also be in by this date.

We’ll do our best to get as many dock sections in as practical next weekend, and maybe get lucky and finish the install. The entire south system including the south dock, misfits dock, and fuel dock can be installed separately from the north system and so this is the likely approach that Jim and Bob will be implementing.

Thanks and let’s keep the good weather coming.


Fishermen – our docks are scheduled to go in on April 16-17 and your spot will be available as soon as they hit the water. Please note we will have limited space due to a large influx of members so please reserve your spot early so we can try to accommodate as many as possible.

Please send your inquiries/reservations to Vice Commodore John Bergman at – We look forward to your arrival.